Lindsey Hogan


Lindsey Hogan


Lindsay has been a stylist for over 10 years and her favorite thing about being a stylist is being able to enhance a women's natural beauty and maintaining lasting relationships with her clients. Color is her number one passion, with extensive training in different techniques one of her favorite things is being able to formulate gorgeous results, whether you're wanting a rich, multi-dimensional brunette, a bright California blonde, or a radiant red. Lindsay also excels at extensions, being able to give women the length or volume that they never thought they could achieve is instantly gratifying. 


Favorite salon product

As a stylist who has worked with Kevin Murphy products for most of my career, it is hard to choose a favorite; but the Bedroom Hair texture spray is definitely topping the charts, it revives your style from the day before, and also serves as a dry shampoo stand in and get one more day out of my hair before needing to shampoo! 

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